About us

Balfour Beatty Investments is recognised as a leader in public private partnerships (PPP) and other developments in the UK and the US.

What we do

We develop and finance both public and private infrastructure projects whilst operating a portfolio of long-term infrastructure assets. We also develop and maintain a large network of military housing facilities across the US.

We are responsible for raising and structuring finance to help customers achieve goals that might otherwise be unattainable. We also invest directly in infrastructure assets, particularly where there are opportunities to manage the project upon completion and enhance operational efficiency.

Our Investments business initially started in the UK, where we were a major participant in the UK PFI/PPP programme and our portfolio currently includes projects secured over the last 20 years. We operate a portfolio of PPP concessions, mainly in healthcare facilities, highways, energy and transmission, student accommodation, residential regeneration and private housing.

In the US, our portfolio includes Balfour Beatty Communities, a subsidiary dedicated to developing and operating privatised military housing, student and multifamily housing. We also operate Balfour Beatty Campus Solutions, a leading provider of large capital project financing, development and construction solutions for the higher education market.

​Balfour Beatty Investments is part of Balfour Beatty plc, a leading international infrastructure group, creating infrastructure; supporting communities; enabling growth.


Balfour Beatty Investments is an integral part of Balfour Beatty plc, a leading international infrastructure group which generates over £8.9 billion of revenue in its chosen geographies of the UK, the US and Hong Kong.