Capex value: £250m | $400m
Equity invested: £19m | $30m
Concession length: 30 years
Length: 30km

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A strategic motorway link between the M62 and south of Leeds and the A1 east of Leeds, UK

Balfour Beatty Investment operates and maintains a 30km dedicated highway link which provides strategic connections between the M1 and M62 highways to the south of Leeds and the A1 Trunk Road south of Wetherby. Construction work included 18km of new roads, widening 12km of existing roads, two interchanges, five junctions and 169 structures, including two tunnels, 14 overbridges, 19 underbridges and one viaduct.

In addition to the construction of the M1 - A1 Link Road, the project included the improvement of the M62 east of junction 28 to the Lofthouse Interchange, the M1 from junction 42 to near Belle Isle, and the upgrading of the A1(T) from Micklefield to Bramham.

There were also unique requirements in respect to landscape areas. A Site of Special Scientific Interest and wildlife links were addressed by the construction contract and subsequently added to and enhanced. The project opened three months ahead of schedule.

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