Capex value: £60m | $96m
Equity invested: £11m | $17.6m
Concession length: 30 years
Length: 156km

Img01 CNDR

Carlisle Northern Development Route (CNDR)

Improving transport links between West Cumbria, Scotland and Northeast England

The Carlisle Northern Development Route (CNDR) project for Cumbria County Council comprises the construction of an 8.25km two-way single carriageway from the M6 Junction 44 to the A595 south west of Carlisle, as well as the management, operation and ongoing maintenance of an existing 148km network. It provides transportation infrastructure improvements and Kingmoor Park site access - expanding employment opportunities in the area.

The whole life approach to the project began with analysis of design and management strategies. We then determined the optimal approach for the duration of the project, continuing through all phases of the project.

One interesting aspect of the project is that it crosses the main London Glasgow West Coast Main Line railway and required close coordination with UK rail infrastructure operator, Network Rail. The team developed a solution to ensure that rail services were maintained throughout replacement bridge construction.

Significant environmental/archaeological issues, including existing flood plan maintenance and the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage site crossing, required close coordination with Environment Agency and English Heritage.


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