Navy Southeast Region

Capex value: £346m | $571m
Equity investment: £5m | $8m
Concession length: 50 years
Homes: 5,257

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Navy Southeast Region

Enhanced housing and amenities for Navy installations across the Southeast US

The Navy Region Southeast Public-Private Partnership project has privatized family housing across eleven Navy installations in the Southeast region of the US.  In addition to being the developer of this project, Balfour Beatty Communities is also managing and maintaining the homes, grounds, roads, and infrastructure in the housing areas. The first six years of the plan called for the demolition of 2,684 homes, construction of 1,127 new homes, and renovation of 653 homes. 

Balfour Beatty saw that success was dependent upon the company’s ability to understand and manage stakeholder expectations, create and maintain an open line of communication throughout the project, and schedule activities in appropriate order to meet the Navy’s requirements.

In 2015, Balfour Beatty Communities earned top scores for customer service across the Navy Southeast portfolio. Residents living within the portfolio participated in a national customer satisfaction survey the results of which garnered the company a total of 32 Multifamily Real Estate Awards for Customer Service Excellence.


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