Greater Gabbard OFTO

Capex value: £317m | $507m
Equity invested: £14m | $22m
Concession length: 20 years

Img02 Gabbard

Greater Gabbard OFTO

Developing our delivery capability in offshore renewables

In November 2013, a Balfour Beatty led consortium acquired the transmission assets of the Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm. The 504MW wind farm is located off the coast of Suffolk and consists of 140 3.6MW turbines located in two zones: Inner Gabbard (368MW) and Galloper (137MW). The developers of the wind farm and the associated transmission assets are Scottish and Southern Electric and RWE. Assets transferred to the offshore transmission owners (“OFTO”) on financial close include two offshore substation platforms and three 28 mile export cables.  Balfour Beatty Power, Transmission and Distribution is responsible for the management and coordination of all O&M activities.

Balfour Beatty jointly owns the 504MW offshore high—voltage transmission asset and is responsible for the asset’s operation and maintenance as well as connecting the wind farm to the onshore electricity transmission system.


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