Essex Waste

Equity invested: 30%
Concession length: 25 years

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Essex Waste

Bringing a sustainable waste treatment facility to Essex, UK

The Urbaser Balfour Beatty consortium was awarded the Essex Waste Partnership’s Residual Waste Treatment contract in January 2012. The contract is for the design, build, finance and operation of a sustainable waste treatment facility for Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. The Councils required a facility capable of treating up to 417,000 tonnes of municipal waste per annum.

Construction has commenced on the site and the facility will be completed in September 2015 following an 18 month construction plan. Once the facility has been completed it will be handed over to Urbaser as the operator for the 25 years of the concession.

The facility will produce a range of recyclable materials from the MRF as well as SRF produced, which will be sent to the markets as an alternative to fossil fuel. It incorporates a large and high specification visitor’s space and gardens which are open to the public as a community park. The design seeks to reduce the impact of the operation on the surrounding community whilst still providing a high quality public facade.

The Essex facility includes the following technologies:

  • Mechanical pre-treatment
  • Composting and biostabilisation

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